Train before playing poker

Training is crucial in any field, so yes when you start an activity such as cooking or pottery it is not necessarily obligatory to be trained because there is not necessarily a financial stake behind it. But in poker in general when you choose to play in casinos or in online poker rooms it is not to throw around your money and just have a good time.

So I will give you some recommendations to start your poker experience without too many scratches .

Money management

We have learned it since childhood, your parents give you € 21 pocket money per week. You are not going to slam this money all at once, at least I advise you to spread it over the week so you will have 3 € per day.

In poker it’s the same basically you credit € 365 this deposit must last you all year round do not go up to € 50 on a table the first evening.

Yes I take round figures to make it easier 🙂 visualization is the key to wealth it seems.


It is the base that it is more or less short but train yourself a minimum to know where you put the feet. Beginners often think that the level of play is the same as in free poker , that with the bluff you will win the jackpot but it is not so simple the aggression and the discipline are more profitable than the ego and the bluff.

Free training

  • The must are the videos of Flavien Guenant on Youtube, a real gold mine for tournament players .
  • Killtilt with in particular a lot of content on the mind.
  • Twitch or players share their tips with you for free during their gaming sessions. It’s a little lesson in real time.

Paid training

I don’t want to advertise or compare  but you have several French poker schools that sometimes offer a free offer and monthly paid content ranging from 17 to 49 € if I’m not mistaken.

For poker schools outside France it is a little more expensive in the order of a hundred dollars per month but the content is square.

Il y a aussi possibilité de taper sur google “coach poker” et vous aurez pas mal de coachs disponibles adaptés à différents niveaux de jeu et pratiquant des tarifs en fonction de leur gain horaire.

La gestion du tilt

Le mental au poker c’est quasiment 50% de votre jeu voir plus. Pour cela il faut absolument prendre conscience de votre niveau. Vous êtes sûrement un fish mental sans le savoir ce n’est pas péjoratif mais vous partez de zero. Il faut travailler ce domaine tout comme la technique pour progresser.

les differentes solutions

  • La revue de session.
  • La méditation.
  • Le travail de groupe.
  • La gestion de votre temps de jeu.
  • L’écriture de vos objectifs court moyen et long terme.
  • Ne pas procrastiner.
  • Don’t gain confidence after a big win.
  • Give yourself a game rating at the end of your sessions.
  • Record your gains and losses in an excel or other file.

Remember if you want to become a pro you need a sacred mind before technology, do you train to go from amateur player to player confirmed learn to configure a tracker and be curious about new technologies related to your passion and luck be with you.






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