Bankroll in poker, the stock market , sports betting or other areas is essential for success. A good player is not one who has the technique but one who strictly respects a budget allocated to poker.

Moreover, most poker forums such as the poker club where poker strategy evokes this rule of bankroll management called bankroll management, it varies depending on the format of the game.

This also varies according to the profile of the player and the room on which we play.


First we will start with the most logical, organize yourself according to your capital you are new to the online circuit you start with freerolls on Winamax or Pokerstars the 2 most famous French rooms and that brings you pleasure.

How much do you think should be deposited? what format of games should I play and at what limit?

These are questions that come up a lot.

First of all the limits if you have a monthly budget of 50 € or even simpler a total poker budget of 100 € the year.

For the cash game you will be advised to play with 50 buys-in, that is to say 50 times the initial bet so you can play the 2 €.

For tournaments it is advisable to have 100 buys-in in general so you can play the 1 €.

For the spins it is advisable to have 300 buys-in since the variance is crazy so you need 300 € to start the 1 €.


So this only applies to the tournament and sometimes at the player and schedule level.

Depending on the schedule or the site you will have opponents of + or – strong games in front of you. If you play a cash game on Winamax on a Monday at 6 p.m. the level will be much more difficult than on Betclic on a Sunday at 4 a.m.

For tournaments pay attention to the field it is advisable to have 100 buys-in for medium fields but if you play tournaments with 10,000 players you can imagine that you will need a much larger bankroll to smooth out the variance .


If you are an occasional player called the recreational player , you are in a room like Bwin or Unibet for online betting and you play a few hands of poker between 2 sports bets, no need to respect all poker codes. on the internet .

Swing a little ticket by watching 2-3 videos of Bruel on an EPT and enjoy the moment.

Otherwise if you are a regular player but having difficulty respecting the limits during a tilt period .

You will be nicknamed winning player or regfish , don’t let your ego take over and work your mind, take breaks or stop altogether when you feel that you have been overtaken by the events.

Plan in advance the maximum number of buy-ins you are prepared to lose in a day.

If you have 1000 € that you play the 10 € on several tables and you feel the scam session coming , that even with your tracker on the way, the deposit bonuses , the challenges you know that this evening it will end badly.

Take it easy, don’t go gambling on slots or online roulette, and take a break for a few days.

In any case, if your goal is to become pro one day, you will have to work first in the discipline because it is really the keyword to become a champion in this game.


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