Running out of chips while you bet or followed. In a game with table stakes, a player can not use the money he has in his pockets during a hand. If it is short of money, a side pot which he can claim is made. However, he can still win the pot in which he bet tokens. Example: "Poor Bob. He had a square against a full house, but he was mat in the second round of betting. "
Form a draw by touching on the turn and river. For example, say you have A-7. The flop came A-6-4. You bet and other players following you. The 10 comes on the turn and all players checked. The river reveals the J. You hit the nut flush "from behind." See also "runner."
The larger of the two blinds typically placed in Texas Hold'em. The big blind is normally the minimum bet of the first round of betting. See also "blind" and "small blind".
Qualifies a card table that does not affect the players' hands. With a flop such as A-J-T, 2 on the turn would be considered a brick.
A forced bet placed by one or more players before any cards are dealt. The term "live" means those players still have the option to raise when it is their turn.
A flop (or board) that seems to help anyone. A flop such as J-6-2 would consist of bricks.
Discard the first card from the deck face down. A card is burned between each betting round before revealing the next or the community cards. Thus it is impossible that a player guesses or not noticing the next card to come on the board.
A marker which indicates the position of the dealer. Also refers to the player on the button. Example: "Oh, the button raised. "
(1) In the expression "buy the pot" that means bluff, hoping to "buy" the pot without being followed. (2) the phrase "buy button", this means bet or raise, hoping thus to force the other players located between the button and you go to bed, what you would act last in future rounds of auction. Glossary from the book "Winning Low Limit Hold'em" by Lee Jones
Place the last authorized up during a round of betting. This is typically the third or fourth raise. California Croupiers like to use the words "Capitola" or "Cappuccino".
The last card a particular rank in the pack. Example: "The flop came J-8-3. I had a pair of servant and served him a pair of 8 served. The "case 8" arrived at the river and broke my full. "
(1) Do not bet, keeping the option to call or raise later in the betting round. This amounts to bet zero dollars. (2) Other name given to the poker chip.
Checker then restart after a player has bet. Some will tell you that sometimes this practice is unfair and does not match the ethics of poker. Nonsense. You may re-checker in almost all casinos and it is also an important tactic in poker. It is particularly useful in low limit Hold'em when you need to reduce the number of opponents if you have the best hand.
The cards are placed face up in the center of the table and shared by all players in games of Hold'em and Omaha. The community cards are also called board cards or "table".
A starting hand in Hold'em consists of two cards whose values ​​follow. Examples: KQ, 76.
Beat a hand (usually a very good hand). This term is often used to refer pairs of aces served, "This is the third time that night that my aces cracked pair. "
The player who actively distributes (or theoretically) the cards in a poker game. In the presence of a dealer (in a casino or card room) or automated dealer, it is necessary to identify the player who should have given the cards because the blinds and the betting starts to the left of the drug dealer. This player is designated by a marker called "dealer button"; the Button circulates around the table in the direction of clockwise and moves to the next player at the end of each hand.
A blind paid by a player who has just entered the game, which is back in the party or that changes to the table. See also "blind" and "place".
A poker hand that statistically the greatest chance of winning.
A turn or river where the flow of the hand (or your reputation with your opponents) you call a bet exemption. For example, if you are on the button and you re having flopped a flush draw, it may be that your opponents check the turn. If you hit your flush on the turn, you can bet. If this is not the case, you can check and see the river "for free".
Another way to call a drawing hand (probably term outcome of craps).
As the term "hit the flop." This means that the flop contains cards that improve your hand. If you have AK and the flop comes K-7-2, you can say that you hit the flop.
The institution organizing the poker game. Example: "The $ 2 you pay the button are for home. "
The pot odds that do not exist yet, but may however be taken into account in your calculations, since you hope to win the pot if you hit your hand. For example, you can follow with a flush draw on the turn even though the pot is not offering you quite a rating of 4: 1 (your chance to hit the color) as you are certain to win the bet facing your opponent to the river if you find your color.
Seek to touch a map of a specific value to form a straight. For example, a player holding 9-5 on a 2-7-6 board can make a straight with any 8. There is also talk of ventral straight draw. Glossary from the book "Winning Low Limit Hold'em" by Lee Jones
A straight completed "in the middle". If you have 9-8, the flop came 7-5-2 and the turn brought the 6, you've hit your straight draw ventral.
Three cards of the same rank, formed by your two hole cards and a card table.
Three cards of the same rank.
A hand that will lose almost all the time against a better hand that people usually play. For instance, K3 is "dominated" by KQ. Except in cases of strange flops (eg, 3-3-X, K-3-X), it generally loses against KQ.
A hand that will lose almost all the time against a better hand that people usually play. For instance, K3 is "dominated" by KQ. Except in cases of strange flops (eg, 3-3-X, K-3-X), it generally loses against KQ.
A number of chips that is not very high compared to carpet the other players at the table. If you have $ 10 in front of you and all other players at the table has over $ 100, you play with a short stack.
A starting hand in Hold'em consists of two cards of the same color. Example: "I had to play J-3, they were matched. " Glossary from the book "Winning Low Limit Hold'em" by Lee Jones
Said of a starting hand in Hold'em consists of two cards of different suits.
Primarily used in the phrase "use the package." This means that you have most or all of the cards that a player would have on the current table. If you have pocket kings, and the other two kings arrive on the flop, you carried the package.
A pair constituted with the lowest card of the flop. If you have A-6 and the flop comes K-T-6, you have flopped bottom pair.
Giving up any chance of winning the pot in poker. Sunset or throw your hand instead of calling or raising.
You usually have to "place a blind," that is to say, the pay, when you sit down at a table in a card room. We may also ask you to place a blind if you change room for a table and that this shift you away from the blinds. Example: a player leaves his place at a table and sits down to another seat farthest blinds. He will pay an extra blind to receive cards. See also "extra blind."
In Hold'em, you are said to play the table when you go to slaughter with hole cards that do not improve a hand consisting of community cards of the table. For example, if you have 2-2 on a board as 4-4-9-9-A (no possible flush draw), then you must "play the board": the best possible hand does not contain any of your cards. Note that if you play the board, in the best case, you will share the pot with all remaining players.
cards dealt face down to a player. They usually refer to the first two cards a player in a game of Hold'em and the first four cards of a player in an Omaha game.
Try to touch a hand that, in any case, will not win the pot. If you need a flush draw while your opponent already has a straight, you "drawing dead". This is obviously not the kind of situation we want to meet. Glossary from the book "Winning Low Limit Hold'em" by Lee Jones
Increase the amount of the current bet.
The fifth and final community card dealt face up. It is also known as the "Fifth Avenue". Metaphors around the river are popular in poker, such as "He drowned in the river. "
As the term "sell a hand." In a part in spread-limit, this means betting less than the maximum amount when you have a very strong hand, hoping that your opponents then you follow that they would not follow a higher setting.
A map that could turn the best hand into trash. If you have T-8 and the flop comes Q-J-9, you are almost sure to have the best hand. However, a 10 on the turn would be scary because it will almost invariably lead to defeat.
A pair formed with the second best map flop. If you have AT and the flop comes K-T-6, you have flopped second pair. See "top pair".
Means the cards in your hand you are the only one to see. Example: "He had pocket sixes served" or "It had been my ace-king. "See also" hole cards ".
A hand consisting of two pairs each formed of a closed card and a card table. Example: if you have T-9 and the flop comes T-9-5, you have two pairs shared. We distinguish this from a hand with two pairs where one pair is given in the table. Example: you have T-9 and the flop comes 9-5-5.
Four cards of the same rank.
Trying to reach one of the two cards whose value would you form a straight. For example, a player holding 9-8 on a 2-7-6 board can make a straight with a ten (6-7-8-9-T) or five (5-6-7-8-9). Also referred to as ended straight draw.
Playing a strong hand passively for your opponents continue to invest in the pot.
All the community cards in a hold'em game: all cards released by the flop, the turn and river. Example: "The table does not contain a single heart. "
Playing recklessly and carelessly. he is a player we say "on tilt" when the quality of his game deteriorates and he is playing too many hands, trying improbable bluffs or raise with bad hands, etc.
(1) Request from a player who needs a little more time to make its decision. It simply says, "a little time, please! ". If a player does not request extra time and the action is proceeding as he has not acted, the dealer may decide that the player spent. (2) An amount levied on the button or every half hour by the cardroom. This is another way for the game organizer to generate income (see "sampling").
A pair constituted with the best map the flop. If you have A-Q and the flop comes Q-T-6, you have flopped second pair. See "second pair."