Casino Barrier Le Ruhl (Nice)

The casino

Address: 1 Promenade des Anglais, 06000 Nice, France

Phone: '33 4 97 03 12 22

The Ruhl casino of the Barrière group is a must-see if you visit Nice and its surroundings. Located facing the sea on the famous Promenade des Anglais in Nice, this casino is ideal for having a good time in an atmosphere.

Located on two floors, it has more than 280 slot machines with a large electronic roulette wheel on the first floor as well as a bar. If you go down a floor by the stairs to the right just back into the casino you will access the room with the blackjack and roulette tables as well as the poker room.


The poker room

Let's get to what interests us: The poker room, it occupies a small (very small) space in this casino but is rather well organized by the entire staff. Composed of 3 tables, two of which are very regularly open for cashgame, this casino can fully satisfy you if you have the means to sit at the table.

The offer of tournaments is very rare in this casino, do not hesitate to call them or go there for more information.


The limits

-2-4 Holdem Cave 100 – No max

Level of play

The Ruhl Casino being located on the most touristy avenue of one of the cities itself very touristy in France, you suspect that there will be almost every day at least one recreational tourist player at the table.

After playing there for 4 consecutive days, I could see that a lot of the players knew each other and didn't play or don't play much (which is rather unpleasant), but not being professional players, you don't feel "trapped" when you're sitting at the table.

Depending on the time of year and time, there are between one and two cashgame tables open in the evening. On a weekday during the off-peak period it can be more complicated but if you go to Nice in the summer, be sure to have some action in the evening.

The atmosphere here is more relaxed, with players who know each other for the most part as well as tourists who are there to have a good time.

For security, you have absolutely nothing to fear at the exit of this casino, especially if you do not deviate from the exit while waiting for your driver/taxi.


The restaurant/bar

Restaurant level, I don't really recommend the casino restaurant which will be rather expensive. There are plenty of very nice restaurants a few hundred yards away in old Nice.

Little extras: Free wardrobe.


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