The rules of Texas Holdem Poker

Poker rules

New players tend to think that poker is a difficult game and that its rules are hard to understand. Although game strategies are learned as you play, the basics of poker are easy to assimilate. Here we're going to talk about the most popular and most played poker variant in tournaments: The No Limit Texas Hold'em. Let's discover together the rules of this variant of poker.

Texas Hold'em is a poker variant played around a poker mat or table and can bring together between 2 and 10 players. Players all start the game with two cards in hand, with the goal of concocting the best possible 5-card combination by combining the 3 cards on the board and the two cards in hand. The players each play in turn and lay down their action or bet. The player with the strongest combination at the end of each round emerges as the winner.

  • The distribution of maps

The dealer is responsible for distributing the cards at each turn. Indeed it is a role endorsed in each round by a player of the table. The "dealer button" identifies the direction in which the cards will be dealt

A tip for poker games with friends: offer a drink to the most experienced player and suggest that he distribute the cards throughout the game, while the button will continue to switch from player to player to signal the start of the game.

The dealer distributes the cards clockwise, first serving the player to his left, until all players have two cards in hand.

  • Mandatory bets

Before each round begins, two players at the table are obliged to make chips bets. Forced token bets put the game at stake and prevent the game from stagnating. Token bets gradually increase as the game is played. The first player on the left and the second player on the dealer's left are referred to as "small blind" and "big blind" respectively. They must also make their bets before taking a look at their cards:

  • The small blind must necessarily bet 50% of the minimum bet
  • The big blind must necessarily bet the whole blind


  • Scenario of a round of play

All players keep their cards face down so that other players cannot see them during the showdown stage where players must make their bets based on the game situation and the cards in their possession. The dealer reveals three cards and makes them visible on the game table: these three cards are common to all players and will be added later by the other two cards in hand. Using these five cards, players must develop the best possible combination to win the bet.

The "Pre-flop", the first betting round, starts with the neighbour on the left side of the big blind. There are three game options available to him:

  • The call: the player makes the same bet as the big blind
  • The fold: the player does not play during the turn; he gives up his hand and doesn't bet chips
  • Raise it: The player doubles the "big blind" bet and forces all his opponents to do the same.

The specificity of the "No-limit" is that players can "raise" indefinitely. A player who bets all his chips is said to be doing an all-in.

At the end of the first betting round, the dealer reveals three common cards before launching the next round. The start of the second round is always marked by the player to the left of the dealer. We add the check to the above options. The player is able to pass his turn if the previous player has not made a bet.

In the third betting round, the dealer reveals an extra card, which is added to the three cards already available on the board. The rest of the round takes place as in the second round.

Finally, the river tour is the last round in which players who are still in the game can bet. At the end of this round comes the "Showdown" where we designate the winner of the blow. Whoever makes up the best combination of cards is named as the winner of the shot. Players tied for chips if there is a tie. When two players present similar combinations with different heights, the winner is the one with the highest combination.

The moves follow on until only one player gets to the table and wins the game.



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